If you are a football lover, and you want to become a renowned organizer in your area, this is the option for you. You can count with all the teams we register through our powerful structure and sales process, which will provide you the necessary mechanisms to have everything ready to work on the service. Or simply delegate that task into our hands.


If you want to manage many venues and an area with several tournaments of different formats, this is your choice. You can sell using different techniques of proven effectiveness, which will be acquired through excellent training, and thus be able to complete the teams before starting each tournament.


If you are a businessman and want to manage the entire structure of a franchise in an entire province or country, this is your opportunity. You can implement all the actions marked in our manual of processes and styles that guarantee the efficiency of the company. We accompany you from start up to consolidation as a benchmark in amateur soccer.


If you did not find full coincidence in the other three possibilities, you tell us what your particular situation is and we make a plan tailored for you.


Custom personnel

We have a staff of diverse professionals and prepared to carry out the training and follow up of the development of all the relevant activities. We have Event Organizers, Advertisers, Photographers, Coachs, Psychologists, Doctors, among others. We know and understand that human values ​​are the key to a good relationship between the brand and the participants.

Manual of processes and styles

This manual provides an extensive description of each and every process. This will allow you to carry out each task safely and efficiently.

Coverage in social networks

From our different online platforms (Web Page, Facebook, Instagram, Blog, YouTube Channel, Twitter) we perform a full coverage of the tournament, enhancing the experiences of each participant. Through this, the emotions of each game are kept alive beyond the day itself.

Tracing pre, during and post game

We understand that each party must transcend in the participant to reach the goal and that each encounter is the materialization of an action that is much deeper. Therefore, in each action performed, we take care of being with the franchisee and the participant before, during and after the day.


We carry out all the necessary awards process, from drinks and medals, to special prizes, raffle and sportswear. We believe that each event is special and creativity when performing this action is fundamental for this moment to be exclusive and distinguished.

Online registration

We have an exclusive online registration service, agile and efficient. In this way, with an exclusive link, each team and participant can register themselves from their job, directly without relying on sellers.


Minimum number of teams 12 24 48
Maximum number of teams 24 48
Exclusive territory 1 Km² 10 Km² more than 100 Km²
Management system CMR ERP/CRM
Operations manual Reduce Version Midle Version Full Version
MKT actions
Exclusive building
Sales in home Optional
Branding at headquarters
Free monthly consulting Call meeting conference
Free graphic design Opcional
% of royalties 40% 30% 15%
Web page
Sponsors (20/80) (50/50)
Home working Optional